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“Lola” Our Food Truck

Meet Lola, Hungry Hawaiian’s Food Truck

Lola is the culmination of several years of planning and hard work. It started in 2010 when my father passed away. My Fathers dream was to open a restaurant. I made it my mission to see that dream fulfilled. All my business plans and models were based on a Food Truck platform. Unable to secure financing or financial assistance we almost gave up, but the Lord blessed us with an amazing opportunity. Thats when we found the store front in Woods Cross. With no money, a ton of cooking experience, and a lot of perseverance, we opened our own restaurant the “Hungry Hawaiian” in the city of Woods Cross June 23rd 2017. In Oct 2017 we acquired “Uncle Bobby” our first Food Truck. Then, a little under 2 years later in August 2019 we built “Lola”. I hope you enjoy the wonderful food that she serves as much as we enjoy having her apart of our Ohana.

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Lola’s Menu (the menu on the Food Truck)

Choose Between

Bowl $11

Plate $14

Choose 2 Sides

Rice, Stir-fry Veggies, Macaroni Salad

Choose a Meat

Teriyaki Chicken                                                                                  

Kalua Pork                                                              

add Extra Meat $4


Musubi 1 for $3 / 2 for $5    

Guava Cake $5 

Side Mac Salad $3

Side of Rice $2

Side of Vegetables $3

Drinks $2

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Diet Mountain Dew, Water

Hawaiian Sun $2